Fiber Optic Expansion Chassis

Cost-effective expansion for time code translation

The Fiberoptic Expansion Chassis (FEC) provides an economical, modular, upgrade path to expand functionality by adding additional output modules and accompanying signal outputs as needed.


The Fiberoptic Expansion Chassis (FEC) provides the means to expand beyond the four-fiberoptic outputs from the UTCG. Up to ten output modules can be installed in each FEC one at a time, as needed.

Key Features

Customers starting out with a minimal configuration system can readily add Time Code Translators with accompanying output modules. A single Fiberoptic Expansion Chassis with one input module and 10 output modules can multiply one UTCG output to 10. With four expansion chassis, 40 fiberoptic outputs can be added to the system. By adding one more expansion chassis level, the number of fiberoptic outputs and potential TCTs in the system can increase to at least 400.
No configuration is necessary, making hardware upgrades simple. The Fiberoptic Expansion Chassis and power supplies are identical to the UTCG, greatly simplifying logistics.
Dual redundant power supplies can be hot-swapped to maintain continuous operation.