Time Code Translator

Highly reliable, extremely precise, user-configurable time and frequency outputs

The Time Code Translator (TCT) can produce any output signal needed, including, Dual RS-232 Time Code, PB-1 Time Code, Parallel BCD Time Code, 5- or 10-MHz Signal, IRIG-B and NASA 36-bit Serial Time Code, and Configurable Pulse Rate (1PPS -1MPPS)


Designed for fully automatic operation, expandability and user configurability, the Time Code (TCT), is a 1U 19-inch rack-mount instrument that receives the fiberoptic timing signal from the UTCG or FEC, then constructs and synchronizes the output signals. The TCT can be configured to four different time and frequency outputs by selecting plugin modules. Each plug-in module synthesizes an output signal. The modular architecture makes it easy for Microsemi to add new signal types as users request them.

Key Features


Additional TCTs can be added to the system to expand signals as well as to provide redundancy.

Time Advance Capability Eliminates Synchronization Delay

The Microsemi TCT incorporates “advance” capability, which compensates for and eliminates fiberoptic path delays from the UTCG.

Front panel display monitoring

The TCT includes a front-panel time display and panel alarm indicator for ease of monitoring. The TCT displays the time and its internal status on the front panel. The status includes loss of signal, time-code CRC error, internal error, resynchronization of the internal time base, PLL out of lock, VCXO control voltage near end of range, leap year, and leap second occurring today.

Automatic Resynchronization

If a fault interrupts the timing signal from the UTCG, an internal holdover oscillator continues to maintain all output signals. When the signal returns, the TCT automatically resynchronizes itself to match the timing signal from the UTCG.