Time Monitor

Advanced Synchronization Performance Analysis Tool

Imports and analyzes synchronization measurement data from a variety of sources to access network synchronization and performs a wide range of analysis.


The TimeMonitor application is an advanced synchronization measurement analysis software tool that can import and analyze synchronization data from a number of sources. These include dedicated jitter/wander tests used in networks and labs throughout the world, GPS/SSU/BITS equipment capable of making measurements, packet timing data using timestamped NTP or IEEE 1588 packets, and counters using the companion TimeMonitor Measurement application.

Key Features

Extensive and Flexible Analysis Capability

Phase, frequency, MTIE, TDEV, ADEV and MDEV results from multiple measurements can be overlaid on the same graph. Other analysis includes Allan Deviation (ADEV), Modified Allan Deviation (MDEV), FFT”s, histograms, and statistics. Frequency can also be computed in seven different ways.

Multiple Vendor Support

Data from a variety of industry-standard jitter/wander test equipment from a number of vendors can be imported into the application.

Customizable Display

The display is customizable and allows the user to have complete control over the graph.

Online Help

There is an interactive online help system that guides the user through options, as well as describes some of the analysis algorithms.

Application Suite

TimeMonitor Analyzer Application

TimeMonitor Analyzer – imports and analyzes synchronization measurement data from a variety of sources and performs a wide range of analysis. Multiple vendor support: counter, jitter/wander test sets, GPS/SSU/BITS.

Time Monitor Measurement Application

TimeMonitor Measurement – performs inexpensive multiple channel synchronization measurements using off-the-shelf counters with live phase/frequency display.

Time Monitor Retrieve Application

TimeMonitor Retrieve collects live or archived measurement data from Microsemi synchronization equipment.

Time Monitor XLi Application

TimeMonitor XLi performs XLi PPS or 1/5/10 MHz measurements with live phase/frequency display.

Time Monitor PDV Application

TimeMonitor PDV performs PDV (packet delay variation) IEEE 1588 PTP probe measurements using the TP5000.

Time Monitor TSC Application

TimeMonitor TSC performs live phase, phase noise, or ADEV measurements remotely using the TSC 5115A/5120A test set.

Time Monitor Hardware Specifications