timeprovider 5000 ntp

Carrier grade, ultra-high capacity NTP server for service provider networks

The TimeProvider 5000 NTP server offers the capacity and high performance features carriers require to support mass market, packet-based services such as IPTV and femtocell synchronization.


The TimeProvider 5000 NTP server is a carrier grade solution that employs a high precision time engine and hardware redundancy to provide the scalability and performance required for rapidly evolving carrier services and network expansion.

Key Features

Ultra-High Capacity

TimeProvider 5000 NTP server is available in two capacity ranges. The 20,000 transactions per second (TPS) models are ideal to support IP-based telecom services such as IPTV and multimedia offerings. Ultra-high capacity models support up to 120,000 TPS and are ideal for large-scale femtocell synchronization applications.

Redundant Hardware, High Network Availability

The TimeProvider 5000 NTP server has built-in power, clock and output redundancy for assured service availability. Modular construction also yields better serviceability and a lower mean-time-to-restore than self-contained boxes.

Precision, Accuracy and Performance

TimeProvider 5000 NTP devices operate as a Stratum level 1 server. Locked to a GPS input signal, its hardware-based time stamping engine and packet processing assures accuracy and precision even at ultra-high capacity levels.

Optional Quartz and Rubidium Oscillators

The TimeProvider 5000 NTP server is available with both quartz and rubidium oscillator options enabling service providers and network equipment manufacturers to choose the optimal level of holdover based on network performance, applications requirements, and equipment cost target.