TSC 4340

Fiber optic distribution amplifier expands Universal Time Code system outputs

The Fiberoptic Distribution Amplifier receives a single optical input and transmits from 2 to 8 identical optical outputs to deliver a cost-effective upgrade path.


The TSC 4340A takes all timing signals-RF signals, serial time codes and pulsed outputs-received on a single fiber by as many as four Time Code Translators (TCTs) at remote locations and adds the ability to expand system outputs as needed. Customers starting out with a minimal configuration system can readily add functionality-in the form of additional Time Code Translators with accompanying output modules-as organizational needs and budgets increase. Up to eight fiber transceivers can be installed in each fiber optic distribution amplifier.

Key Features

Cost-Effective Capacity

Microsemi’s TSC 4340A fiber optic distribution amplifier provides a cost effective upgrade path, enabling networks to multiply the output from one UTCG to 8. For example, a Fiberoptic Distribution Amplifier with one input transceiver and 8 output transceivers can multiply one output to eight. In this scenario, the customer can add 32 fiber optic outputs to the system by adding four expansion chassis. By adding one more distribution level, the number of fiber optic outputs and potential TCTs in the system can increase to at least 256.

Easy Upgradeability

Upgrading is as easy as adding hardware. No configuration is necessary. Hot Swappable Reconfiguration The TSC 4340A includes hot swap SFP sockets for fiber optic transceivers to provide easy expansion or transceiver replacement for different networks. An AC or DC hot swap redundant supply can be ordered with the unit.