About Us

At Savitri, we believe communication has been the most potent medium for humankind to evolve.

We integrate strategy, design, technology and talent to provide high impact solutions to our customers across the business life cycles.

In the past 20+ years, SAVITRI has expanded and diversified its businesses with significant contributions to society and industry and its business verticals collectively drive the organization’s vision. Each vertical strives for consistent improvement in their fields to stay customer focused. Our 1600+ workforce has a commitment to fulfil towards the customer and towards the community where we operate. As a team we are committed to propel the medium of communication on a faster lane and possibly to every corner.

Savitri has come a long journey since we started way back in 1999. The company was formed with a purpose to create more employment opportunities in society and to provide business solutions to the industry. Savitri today operates globally for a wide range of products, services and solutions in the field of IT, Telecommunication, Retail, Power, E-Commerce and Education. Over the past two decades, Savitri Group has matched the speed at which the communication revolution has shaped up in the country.

We pledge to keep the remarkable pace to fuel the growth and to fulfil the aspirations of technological advancement of the masses.



“Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.”.


Our beliefs in quality, integrity, equality and sustainability are deep rooted and reflect in our corporate culture. We encourage employees who are dedicated to preserving and enhancing the fundamental values and coherent principles in our beliefs.

Our beliefs are the primary force in guiding our day-to-day behaviour and influence our business decision-making at every level of the organization. We are guided by unshakable beliefs which makes our organization strong and resilient. At the core of our beliefs are the strong set of principles and values, which are driven by the desire to excel by putting the customer first.
Quality is always the supreme word in everything that we practice. Our focus on product delivery is designed for tomorrow, and it drives us to innovation. Our belief helps us achieve our business objectives. It is firmly rooted in our history and is critical to the company’s long-term success. It is the foundation on which everything is built.

Skill development and employment creation is an inherent management belief to prepare a future ready workforce. It’s the illustration of our commitment to employment creation. Our team efforts collectively define our identity as a company and how we progress to our goal.