Empowering communities,
Enhancing lives

At Savitri Telecom, we believe that being a responsible corporate citizen is essential to our success as a company. We are committed to conducting our business in an ethical and sustainable manner, and to making a positive impact in the communities where we operate.

We believe in transformation and social upliftment of the society and the individuals. The challenge for the development of humanity is complex and it needs a collaborative approach. At the core of our Corporate Social Responsibility program, respect for humankind and communities are the foremost. We believe that partnership among key stakeholders – government, civil societies, local community and businesses are vital to synergies the efforts.

We aim to contribute to the most demanding areas like Employment, Education, Sustainable Environment, Livelihoods, Sanitation, Skill Development, Women’s Empowerment, Healthcare and Local Community Development.


The aim of Savitri Telecom’s CSR efforts is to create a positive legacy for future generations and to be a responsible steward of the planet and its resources.

We are committed to

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At Savitri Telecom, corporate social responsibility is not just an obligation, but a privilege. We believe that by making a positive impact on the world, we can not only improve the lives of others, but also help to create a better future for everyone.

Key Programs

Hard Worker Empowerment Program

Capacity building is a key enabler for community upliftment and community empowerment.

With this perspective SAVITRI came forward with a mission #HardWorkMatters through Hard Work Empowerment Program on 1st May 2020, International Workers Day. With the aim to develop and strengthen the ability of those individuals, groups and communities who are actively involved to bring a positive change in the social and economic structure of our nation with their hard work and selfless efforts. This program was introduced to support workers and to all those Individuals who run social activities like community kitchen, community groups, volunteer groups etc to aid relief during this COVID-19 outbreak and similar situations in the future, to support Individuals and groups who are actively involved to bring social and economic change in the society with their hard work. We believe that this small effort of Savitri will work to inspire change, supporting hard work, supporting community capacity building, and community empowerment.

Education Support Program

Nurturing potential, empowering minds and igniting futures with our education support program

At Savitri Telecom, we understand the importance of education and the role it plays in building a sustainable future. That’s why we are committed to supporting education initiatives and programs that promote knowledge, skills, and opportunity for all. Under this initiative by investing in education, we help to build a more knowledgeable and skilled workforce, while also promoting greater equality and opportunity. This activity involves supporting local schools and educational programs, offering scholarships and financial assistance to students, and partnering with educational institutions to provide job training and career development opportunities.

Employment Generation Program

Enabling growth, through employment opportunities and empowering communities

The aim of our Employment Generation Program is to address unemployment and underemployment, and to provide individuals with the skills and opportunities they need to succeed in the workforce. This involves offering job training and career development programs, supporting local businesses and entrepreneurs, and investing in workforce development initiatives. This program helps in reducing poverty and inequality, promote financial stability, and stimulate local economic growth.

Environment Protection Program

Building a better world, through environmental protection programs for a sustainable future

Protecting the environment is a critical part of ensuring a sustainable future, and it is an important aspect of corporate social responsibility at Savitri. We are responsible to minimize the impact on the environment, and to promote conservation and preservation of natural resources. This involves implementing environmentally friendly business practices, such as reducing energy consumption, using renewable resources, and reducing waste and emissions. It also involves supporting environmental protection initiatives, such as conservation efforts, reforestation projects, and programs to reduce plastic waste.
By prioritizing environmental protection, we help to address some of the most pressing challenges facing the planet, and demonstrate our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. This not only helps to preserve the environment for future generations, but it also promotes the long-term success and stability of communities and economies.

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