Importance of Test and Measurement of Timing and Synchronisation

Testing and measurement for timing and synchronisation […]

Precision Matters: Understanding Calibration of Test Equipment and Its Crucial Importance

Calibration is the activity of checking […]

Future is Now- The Recent Breakthroughs in Telecom Technology

We are living in an era of rapid technological  […]

OFC T&M Equipment Market in India

There has been an increasing demand for telecom capacity and Internet services both from private […]

Opportunities Coming Its Way for Sale of OFC T&M Equipment

The (spectral) advantages that these new waveform types show in typical simulations[…]

Telecom Equipment Industry Current Status and Outlook In Coming Years

Telecom equipment refers to technologies that facilitates peoples’, communication. […]

Digitalization of Fiber Maintenance

partnership (PPP) model that aligns private incentives with long-term service
delivery in the vein […]

Data Transfer Becomes Easy

one of the most important features required by the industry with the goal to increase peak data rates. The real driving force behind […]

Anything That Can Be Connected, Will Be Connected

Today’s telecommunications industry is one of the biggest contributors to the growth […]

Market Dynamics

T&M market growth is not in doubt but still there are challenges. Key challenges of this market are price sensitivity […]

Three-Fold Synergy

Savitri Group is the creation of a new strategic plan focused on people, programs, and partnerships […]

Indian Telecom Policy

It was felt by Government of India that the country’s socio economic development was very much dependent […]

Technology Trends

In 2018 we got the first ever Digital Communications Policy NDCP 18, which has articulated its objectives along these lines:
Connect India.[…]

Security Concerns with Optical Fiber Network Thinking Ahead

The alarming systems are also able to plug into infrastructure management software […]

Telecom Manufacturing in India as Industry Bring In

With 5G, direct beneficiaries are the enterprises having digital transformation in business processes in nearly […]

MVNO, A New Horizon for Indian Telecom

A mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) is a mobile telecommunications market player that does not own a licensed […]

Deployment and Service Activation at 100G

The road to 100 Gbps (100G) transport was a long one that began around 2006,just as the first commercial […]

Convergence of Telecom Technology

Telecommunication in the last decade has stirred the society and for that matter human race itself the most.[…]

Network Synchronization Overview

Timing and synchronization are indispensable in our increasingly digital, networked world. […]

Securing the Time in Your Network

There is a specific type of DDoS attack called NTP amplification, in which the attacker exploits […]

Streamlining of Business in the Offing

Savitri Group has been striving to move ahead in the sphere of business with a clear […]

Marketing Prospects of T&M Equipment in India

There has been a definite slowdown in the sales prospects of OFC test and […]

Marketing Strategy – Buyer’s Perspective

Convergence of technology has made telecom market very wide but at the same time for a seller[…]

Making Profits from Day One, Is Key

Savitri Group comprises of three organizations, viz., Savitri Telecom Services, Savitri […]

Telecom Services Industry-Technological Evolution And Future Opportunities

There have been innumerable technological shifts over the centuries […]

Vision and Mission Statements

Vision and mission statements are meant to help people and guide the business, not to look in a particular […]

The Current Scenario of the Telecom Market

The current scenario of the market looks bright mainly with the expansion of telecom […]

Creating Value for Customers

Telecommunications markets across the globe have evolved rapidly, and that has led to saturated markets and a drastic […]

Plans for Customers

Telecommunication has been recognized as an important tool for socioeconomic development and plays […]

Survival is the Biggest Success

In the year 2020 when COVID-19 attacked India nobody could imagine how it would impact the […]

Role of T&M in Telecom Industry

Broadband is booming and bringing us the triple play of voice video and data. […]

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