Marker and Locator

Innovative solutions for underground infrastructure identification –Marker and Locator

Savitri Telecom offers a wide range of Marker and Locator systems. Our Marker and Locator system are reliable solutions for marking and locating underground utility lines, pipelines, and other infrastructure. The system includes a range of markers, locators, and accessories that are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, ensuring long-lasting visibility and durability. Our Marker and Locator system are easy to install, and it can be used in a variety of applications, from construction sites and mining operations to residential and commercial properties. We provide innovative and cost-effective solutions for locating and identifying underground utilities.

Product Portfolio

Electronic Route/Marker Locator

The Electronic Route/Marker System provides a comprehensive solution for efficient asset management by accurately identifying and mapping buried utilities and points of interest. With the inclusion of an Electronic Marker, it enables effective maintenance, efficient fault locating and repair, and cost-effective operations. This advanced system streamlines the process of locating underground facilities, making it faster and more precise.

Electronic Route Marker

The Electronic Marker System provides a solution for marking critical maintenance points and accurately relocating underground utilities during maintenance and future construction or expansion projects. This advanced system enables the owner’s maintenance teams, 3rd-party maintenance teams, and future contractors to locate existing buried cable and pipe utilities without any excavation, preventing damage and resulting in significant cost savings.

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