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In today’s highly connected world, network performance is critical for delivering seamless user experiences and ensuring business success. The telecommunications industry has rapidly transformed in the past two decades with an increase in subscriber base, deployment of 5G and data traffic resulting in network complexity. Accurate testing and measurement of performance specifications is essential as per manufacturer references and conformance parameters set by standards organizations to maintain quality, reliability, and performance.

Our complete range of test and measurement solutions enables service providers, equipment manufacturers, and enterprises to optimize their networks and ensure that they meet the highest standards of quality and reliability. Savitri Telecom offers a range of products and services to assist in testing, measuring, monitoring, and service assurance for the development, implementation, and troubleshooting of telecom networks in both field and lab environments. Our solutions encompass all aspects of Fiber Optics, Network testing and certification, and wireless testing, providing a comprehensive approach to meet all testing and measurement requirements. From traditional telecommunications networks to emerging technologies such as 5G and IoT, our solutions are designed to meet the evolving needs of the industry.

Product Portfolio

Fiber Test

Fiber Test, offered by Savitri Telecom, refers to the process of testing and measuring the performance and quality of optical fiber networks. This includes verifying the integrity of the fiber optic cables and components, identifying any potential issues or faults, and ensuring that the network is operating at optimal levels. Fiber Test solutions from Savitri Telecom include a range of equipment and software tools designed for both field and lab environments, enabling users to accurately measure and analyze key parameters such as power levels, attenuation, dispersion, and more. These solutions are critical for ensuring the reliability and performance of fiber optic networks, which are essential for supporting the growing demand for high-speed data transmission and connectivity in today’s digital age.

Featured Products

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Optical Loss Test Set

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Optical Spectrum Analyzer

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Visual Fault Locator

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Remote Fiber Monitoring

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Optical Power Meters

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Optical Return Loss Meter

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Fiber Inspection and Cleaning

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Optical Laser Source

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CD/PMD Tester

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Fiber Identifier

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MPO Tester

Network Test & Certification

Savitri Telecom provides network test and certification solutions to ensure the quality, reliability, and performance of telecommunications networks. With the increasing complexity of networks due to the deployment of 5G and unprecedented data traffic, Savitri Telecom’s testing and certification solutions ensure that networks meet the required standards for performance, security, and reliability. Our range of solutions includes performance testing, protocol analysis, network monitoring, and optical fiber testing, ensuring that networks are thoroughly tested and certified. By using Savitri Telecom’s network test and certification solutions, telecommunications service providers can ensure that their networks meet the highest standards, delivering a seamless user experience to their customers.

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Asset & Data Management

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Copper, DSL, WiFi & Broadband Test

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Network Performance Monitoring Tool

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DOCSIS 3.1 Test

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Protocol Analyzer

Wireless Test

Savitri Telecom offers wireless test solutions for the growing wireless network industry. With the proliferation of wireless devices and increasing demand for bandwidth, Savitri Telecom’s wireless test solutions ensure that wireless networks are delivering the performance and quality required by end-users. Savitri Telecom’s wireless test solutions includes network analysis, protocol analysis, field testing, and drive test solutions. These tools enable wireless service providers to detect and troubleshoot issues quickly and accurately, ensuring optimal performance of their wireless networks. Savitri Telecom’s wireless test solutions are used by service providers, network equipment manufacturers, and regulators on PAN India, delivering reliable and high-quality wireless network services to end-users.

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RF Test

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Antenna Alignment & Monitoring

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