Timing & Sychronization

Timing is everything – synchronization for seamless operations

Accurate timing and synchronization are crucial for digital networks in telecom networks, data centers, and industrial applications. Clock drifting is a significant problem in modern computing, and coordinating the clocks of computers in distributed operations is vital to avoid it. To ensure synchronization, GPS and GNSS are used as reliable sources of accurate time. The Network Time Protocol and Precision Time Protocol are utilized for coordinating the system time of networked computers. Coordinated time is necessary for event logging, transaction processing, and other operations that require determining the exact time of events. Even legally, business clocks must be synchronized, such as in financial trading. Similarly, for security cameras and associated recorders, synchronization is necessary to obtain accurate event time.

Reliable timekeeping is essential in a wide range of settings, including data centers, wired and wireless communication systems, financial markets, industrial networks, smart power grids, and virtually all other secure communications infrastructures. To support various applications and essential infrastructures, we aim to offer timing systems that are highly secure, resilient, and accurate.

Product Portfolio

Synchronization Systems

We offer a wide range of synchronization systems to meet the specific needs of various industries. Our systems are designed to ensure precise timing and coordination of network devices, enabling accurate measurement of events, coordination of distributed systems, and implementation of time-sensitive applications. Our synchronization systems utilize advanced technologies such as GPS, atomic clocks, and precision time protocol to achieve accurate synchronization. We provide solutions for industries such as telecommunications, finance, transportation, and power generation, helping to ensure that critical systems operate efficiently and with minimal downtime. Our experienced team provides consultation, design, installation, and support services to ensure that our synchronization systems meet the unique needs of each client. We are committed to delivering high-quality solutions that help our clients achieve their objectives efficiently and effectively.

Featured Products

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Timing Accessories

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Time Scale System

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Enterprise Network Time Servers

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Embedded Atomic Clocks

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Carrier Grade NTP & PTP IEEE 1588 Grandmasters

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Management & Monitoring


GPS Instruments

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System Clocks & Frequency References

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1U Distribution Amplifier

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Modular Synchronization System

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GNSS Disciplined Oscillators (GNSSDO)

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