Make fiber optic maintenance a hassle-free experience with our fiber optic tools & toolkits

Fiber optic tool kits are essential for splicing, testing, and inspecting fiber optic network cabling. A variety of fiber optic accessories and tools are available for fiber optic installation, such as cable fiber access tools, cleaning accessories, tool kits, and replacement pieces for fiber tool kits that are part of the fiber optic joining kit. Savitri Telecom offers a complete range of fiber optic joining and repair kits, along with a wide selection of tools and accessories to meet your specific needs.

1-Tube Cutter

Tube Cutter


Duct Cutter

3. Kevlar Scissor

Kevlar Scissor

4.Loose Tube Stripper

Loose Tube Stripper

5.Crimping Tools (1)

Crimping Tools

6.Mid Span Slitter

Mid Span Slitter

7.Utility Knife

Utility Knife

8.Cutter Pliers

Cutter Pliers

9.Wire Stripping Pliers

Wire Stripping Pliers

10.Cable Cutter

Cable Cutter

11.Round Cable Slitting and Ringing Tool

Round Cable Slitting and Ringing Tool

12.Fiber Optic Stripper- Three in one

Fiber Optic Stripper- Three in one

13.Nose Pliers

Nose Pliers

14.Screw Driver Set

Screw Driver Set

15.Combination Pliers

Combination Pliers

16.Wrench Set

Wrench Set





19.Mini Hacksaw (1)

Mini Hacksaw

20.Wire Stripper and Cutter

Wire Stripper and Cutter

21.Universal Stripping Tools

Universal Stripping Tools

22.Allen Key Set

Allen Key Set

Measuring Tape 5 mtr

Measuring Tape 5mtr

Diagonal Cutting Pliers

Diagonal Cutting Pliers

1.25mm Cleaning Stick

1.25mm Cleaning Stick

2.5mm Cleaning Stick

2.5mm Cleaning Stick

Alcohal Dispencer

Alcohol Dispenser

Straight Tweezer

Straight Tweezer

Angled Tweezer

Angled Tweezer

Butane Can

Butane Can

Butane Torch

Butane Torch

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