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A number of technologies have emerged that have brought communication revolution in the country. Savitri pledged to keep the remarkable pace to fuel
the growth and to fulfill the aspirations of technological advancement of the masses.


5G is bringing revolution in digital communication as it brings in wider coverage, higher speed, enhanced security, and more capacity. These additional features and processes are going to be vital for Industry. 5G empowers a new kind of network that is designed to connect virtually everyone and everything together including machines, objects, and devices. Our complete range of 5G Lab to Field solutions are capable of quickly performing a complete network verification in the lab for an expedited and smooth field deployment.

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Internet of Things

In this IoT era where billions of devices are connected, it has become vital for the industry to create and maintain a good user experience. For managing such a complex network of multiple connected devices, there is a need for qualitative test & high accurate time stamping at each connected device. Also such complex scenarios should be well tested and maintained properly with accurate Timing Solutions. Savitri Telecom is fully geared with experienced & trained professionals with high end technological solutions to cater such needs.

Timing and Synchronization

Accurate timing and synchronization have become crucial in our modern, interconnected world, where digital technology plays an increasingly central role. Reliable timekeeping is essential in a wide range of settings, including data centers, wired and wireless communication systems, financial markets, industrial networks, smart power grids, and virtually all other secure communications infrastructures. To support various applications and essential infrastructures, we aim to offer timing systems that are highly secure, resilient, and accurate.

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FTTx refers to a range of fiber-optic technologies and configurations that enable high-speed broadband connectivity to homes and businesses. Optical Fiber has become essential for high speed, high QOS communication for HDTV, 5G, IoT applications, virtual reality etc. Immunity to electromagnetic interference is also an added advantage of fiber. We offer various Passive Optical Network (PON) technologies such as G-PON, XGS-PON, and NG-PON2 that operate across distinct optical frequency bands to enable efficient bi-directional communication.

RF Testing

RF testing refers to the process of evaluating and validating the performance of radio frequency (RF) systems and components. RF testing is essential to ensure that wireless communication devices and networks meet specific performance requirements, such as signal quality, frequency range, and power output. Our field-portable RF test solutions are designed to verify all aspects of 4G and 5G cell site deployment, maintenance, and management, making them an ideal option for professionals in the field.

RF Test
Lab test automation

Lab & Test Automation

Lab and test automation involves using specialized software and hardware tools to automate testing processes in the domains of communications, wireless networking, and fiber optics. Savitri Telecom’s lab and test automation solutions improve the accuracy and efficiency of testing, while reducing the time and cost of testing. These solutions utilize automation tools such as test automation software, network and protocol analyzers. The use of these solutions allows Savitri Telecom to quickly and accurately test complex communication systems and networks, helping customers optimize performance and reliability in applications ranging from R&D to production and field testing.

Fiber Characterization

Fiber characterization involves the testing and analysis of optical fiber networks to determine their physical properties and performance parameters. This process helps to identify any defects, attenuation, or dispersion in the fiber that could degrade the quality of the optical signal. These solutions help network operators to ensure that their fiber optic networks can reliably transmit high-speed data, voice, and video signals. Savitri Telecom’s fiber characterization tools are used in a range of applications, including research and development, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance of fiber optic networks.

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Cyber Security

Cyber Security refers to the protection of networked systems, devices, and data from malicious attacks or unauthorized access. At Savitri, we offer solutions that aim to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities in networks and applications that can be exploited by cybercriminals. These solutions include network security testing tools, endpoint protection software, and vulnerability assessment services. These cyber security solutions can be used to simulate real-world cyber-attacks to test the effectiveness of an organization’s security defenses. Overall, Savitri Telecom’s cyber security solutions aim to help organizations proactively identify and address potential security threats to protect their networks, devices, and data from cyber-attacks.

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